How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Crippling Anxiety – Naturally



Anxiety in entrepreneurs

ANXIETY – for some entrepreneurs and high achievers, coping with it is just a natural state of being and a requisite part of life.

For others, the word alone dredges up shaky nerves, sweaty palms, and an upset stomach. Sometimes the sheer thought of reaching a goal creates intense terror inside the mind and body.

In 2021, our Covid world has changed things for entrepreneurs as well. Given the long-term nature of the lockdowns many of us have experienced, 20% more Canadians are struggling with anxiety, fear, limiting beliefs, and intense worry.

So what can you do about it?

What can you do RIGHT NOW to permanently shake that awful anxiety gremlin to the ground?  

Is anxiety keeping you stuck?

Over time, entrepreneurs typically learn to live with some degree of anxiety in their business and life. Living with uncertainty and unpredictability around clients and goal setting to create regular, sustainable income is a necessary part of business.

However, there are other smart, ambitious high achievers and entrepreneurs, who get stuck in their panic because they are struggling with:

  •     increased heart rate
  •     rapid breathing / feeling a sense of danger
  •     trouble concentrating and focusing
  •     intense general fear or worry
  •     feeling disconnected between their body and mind
  •     dealing with constant negative thoughts, worries, beliefs, or fears
  •     struggling with insomnia
  •     consistently avoiding things that may trigger anxiety

In short, they are unable to BE PRODUCTIVE and move forward in their jobs, business, relationships, and in life.

How do unbalanced minerals play a role in your anxiety?

People suffering from anxiety tend to have unbalanced minerals.

Minerals are the “spark plugs” of life and play many important health-related roles within the body.

For example, your sodium and potassium ratio is one of the most important in your body.

For your body to be energetic and strong, it needs the necessary vitality and electrical balance within the cells. Sodium is an extracellular element (which means it operates outside the cell) while potassium is interstitial (it operates inside the cell).

Proper ratios are critical because unbalanced minerals are often associated with adrenal exhaustion, liver and kidney stress, allergies, infections, and impaired digestion as well as sugar and carbohydrate tolerance.

Your immune system is a network of organs, cells, and tissues that work together to provide the body’s first line of defense against toxins and substances that invade our systems and cause disease.

Both the liver and the kidneys are very important organs for detoxification and are common sites of toxic metal accumulation.

A very high sodium/potassium ratio may indicate kidney disease and an imbalanced immune system. A high ratio may indicate autoimmune problems or an overactive immune system. This also makes it very difficult for your body to detoxify from toxic chemicals, food additives, and chemicals in tap water and food.

Chronic overactivity of the adrenal glands can end up suppressing the thyroid and thymus gland, further impairing immune system function.

Each cell needs the proper balance of these two minerals.

Often, when the sodium or potassium ratio is unbalanced, my clients experience rapid racing thoughts, irritability, a feeling of being edgy, unable to relax or rest, anxiety, elevated blood sugar levels, elevated blood pressure, and either constipation or frequent bowel movements.

Even your “mood” and “state of mind” are affected by these mineral imbalances.

This can also lead to hormonal issues, anemia and headaches.

Proper thinking in business and life is crucial. You can’t be focused and make the correct decisions if you consistently procrastinate and fear taking the wrong action.

Unfortunately, this means that no matter what you do or how “positive” you try to be, you just can’t seem to turn off these constant insecure, negative thoughts.

This leads to staying stuck in your little bubble—too fearful to venture out.

Yet, your big goals demand that you stretch and take the calculated risk.

What would you say if I told you, there is a SOLUTION—and it avoids prescription drugs and their nasty toxic side effects?

How can a Hair and Mineral Analysis help your anxiety?

A hair and mineral analysis is a screening test that measures the levels of 21 minerals and toxic chemicals in a sample of hair.

Anxiety is not your fault. In simple terms, it’s due to faulty wiring in your body and mind. Once the switches are rewired, anxiety and worry dramatically declines.

Unbalanced minerals create an unsteady mind.

One of my clients, Sylvia, who was suffering from anxiety, moodiness, and procrastination, just could not take her business from $6000.00 to over $10,000 per month.

Why? Because on a daily basis, she was constantly struggling with staying focused, emotionally balanced, and productive. She was in a battle with herself!

Sylvia took the hair and mineral test and not surprisingly, she had several unbalanced minerals and toxic chemicals in her body. In less than 3 months, she was feeling calmer, more focused, confident, and productive.

Finally, she had the energy and balanced drive to break through her income ceiling and reach her 6 figure goal.

Another busy and successful client of mine, Adil, was struggling with a lack of energy. As a vegetarian, he simply wasn’t eating the right foods for his metabolic system. After balancing all of his minerals as well as identifying and removing his toxic metals, this guy’s energy went through the roof. Adil and his partner are #1 in their mortgage business in Canada. And that takes energy!

If you want to quickly increase your productivity and focus, remember these 3 principles:

  1. BELIEVE that it’s never too late for you to reach your goals and desires in business and life.
  2. DECIDE that you have had enough playing small and do what it takes to get to the next level.
  3. COMMIT to doing what it takes to be healthy, energized, productive, and successful.

When you take these steps, nothing can stop you! You have got what it takes. I believe in you.

Now, it’s time to believe in yourself!

If you’re interested in learning more about getting a HAIR ANALYSIS, you can learn more here, or simply book a call with me to discuss how we can move you from anxious to energized!

Maggie Maier, Chief Energy Officer, for over 20 years, helps entrepreneurs, executives and high achievers get more energy, memory and mental resiliency to become super productive, as they are aging. Prevent burnout and massively improve your energy level each and every day without pills or booze!

Maggie is the creator of the Default Energy Accelerator ™ (DEA) which helps you become the “Ultimate Productivity Ninja” in your business or workplace.

She has also created the 3 R’s Roadmap to Productivity in Business and Life .

Having overcome her own challenges, including the suicide death of her only son, Maggie will help you get unstuck to become massively more productive – because you deserve to be at your very best!



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