Chronic exhaustion, moodiness, weight fluctuations

Lack of focus, constant stress, procrastination, and low productivity

Feeling like you are working so hard on your goals that you don’t have a life outside your business or career


Untapped daily energy

Balanced mood and high motivation

Laser-sharp focus and improved memory

Unmatched productivity, profitability, and peace

Strong motivation to eat nutritionally and love your body

Positive emotions and a growth mindset

Immerse yourself in a supportive community that understands and shares your experiences

Unleash Your Energy!

I’m Maggie Maier and I’m here to be your ultimate ally in unleashing the powerhouse ENERGIZED entrepreneur and high achiever, within you!

If you’ve landed here, chances are, you are struggling with your energy, mood and motivation. 

  • By midday, your energy reserves are tapped out and hits of caffeine aren’t cutting it anymore
  • You feel like you are riding an emotional roller coaster – experiencing frequent ups and downs that impact your productivity
  • Your high-stress level is affecting your weight management and sleep quality
  • You struggle to maintain focus and motivation throughout your day
  • You often get stuck in a cycle of negativity that keeps you playing small and fearing going after larger, more challenging goals

Dr. Wayne Dyer

I was awakened to the connection between toxic chemicals, mineral imbalances and mental health. Who knew? I eat very well and I was truly shocked to see how many toxic chemicals and mineral imbalances I had in my body. Maggie is truly the expert and I highly recommend working with her.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Internationally renowned author and spiritual speaker

Susan Crossman

After working with Maggie, I found I had bigger dreams for my future, significantly more focus and concentration, better relationships in all aspects of my life, and the best year I’d ever had in my business. If you feel ready to shift out of the patterns that have been holding you back I highly recommend you work with Maggie – you’ll find that she is a warrior for your success and extremely gifted in helping you find your way to whatever it is you want to accomplish. Thank you Maggie – you are amazing!

Susan Crossman, Book Coach | Book Editor

Darryl Bandoro

I’ve broken free of negative beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my financial goals and as a result I’m much more confident, positive and naturally attracting all kinds of new clients, unexpectedly. Thank you Maggie!

Darryl Bandoro, Private Wealth Specialist

Jeff Laprade

I invite you to reach out to her and let her share how she can help on your road to a more positive mindset, incredible energy as well as greater joy and productivity in both your business and personal life. I did a lot of research prior to meeting her and was skeptical, because of the claim of how fast results would occur. Maggie was instrumental in helping me shift my mood and mindset, joining coaching, becoming a member of an organization I had been procrastinating about for months and setting me in the right direction.

Jeff Laprade, Real Estate, Ottawa

“getting results”

Before working with Maggie, I was focused on taking care of everybody else. After doing EFT sessions with Maggie, I am more focused on achieving my own health goals and am getting results.

Henry Hills,
Professional Engineer

“thriving, happier”

As an alcoholic, I lacked self-esteem and confidence. Working with Maggie has helped me stop my binge drinking and find secure employment. I am thriving, happier and more positive than I have ever been.

Jessica F., Sales

“belief in myself”

Before working with Maggie, I suffered from extreme lack of self confidence due to past rapes and multiple traumas. Maggie has given me back my strength and belief in myself which has helped me improve all of my relationships, including those at work.

Name withheld for
privacy reasons

Hi, i’m Maggie

Better known as “Canada’s Natural Healing and Detox Expert,” I help entrepreneurs and high achievers supercharge their energy, mood and motivation for Unstoppable Success—without pills or booze!

Get more energy, a balanced mood and your productivity back NOW!


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Boost your energy, mood and motivation – all naturally.

Reach sustainable motivation, balanced mood and unbeatable productivity now.


Proven Ways

To Get Unstuck from 4 Common Energy Traps

Download my FREE GUIDE – and become the ultimate productivity ninja in business and in life!

Filled with tips on how to improve your game and get unstuck from the 4 energy traps that reduce your energy, emotional balance and focus.

Proven Ways Guide


Download my FREE GUIDE and become the ultimate productivity ninja in business and in life!

Filled with tips on how to improve your game and get unstuck from the 4 energy traps that reduce your energy, emotional balance and focus.

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