Chronic exhaustion, moodiness, weight fluctuations

Lack of focus, constant stress, procrastination, and low productivity

Feeling like you are working so hard on your goals that you don’t have a life outside your business or career


Untapped daily energy

Balanced mood and high motivation

Laser-sharp focus and improved memory

Unmatched productivity, profitability, and peace

Strong motivation to eat nutritionally and love your body

Positive emotions and a growth mindset

Immerse yourself in a supportive community that understands and shares your experiences

Hi, I’m Maggie

I’m Maggie Maier and I’m here to be your ultimate ally in unleashing the powerhouse ENERGIZED entrepreneur and high achiever, within you!

If you’ve landed here, chances are, you are struggling with your energy, mood and motivation in the following ways:



By midday, your energy reserves are tapped out and hits of caffeine aren’t cutting it anymore


Despite rest, sleep or time off, you don’t feel refreshed or motivated


You are struggling to find energy to complete all of your daily tasks


You find yourself regularly experiencing interruptions during your sleep cycle as you are consumed with thoughts about the day’s responsibilities or unfinished tasks


Increased stress levels and weight gain have hindered your ability to engage in regular exercise


You are struggling to finish tasks or meet deadlines because of your low energy levels


Feeling constant pressure to perform, but your low energy is negatively affecting your performance


Decreased motivation, making it difficult to tap into your creative flow


Feeling like you are stuck in a rut – lacking inspiration or progress


You feel like you are riding an emotional roller coaster – experiencing frequent ups and downs that impact your productivity


Your high-stress level is affecting your weight management and sleep quality


You are having difficulty in finding and embracing just ‘being’ in moments of rest and relaxation


Feelings of sadness, frustration, or anxiety are dampening your drive


Finding it challenging to maintain a positive mindset and stay motivated with enthusiasm to tackle daily tasks


Negative emotions are leading to indecisiveness, procrastination, and a slow-down in your decision-making abilities


When overwhelmed, you find yourself procrastinating and getting easily distracted – spending excessive time aimlessly scrolling through social media




You struggle to maintain focus and motivation throughout your day


Your attention to detail is suffering, and you often find yourself having to re-do work that used to be easy for you


The perceived volume of work is draining you and impeding your ability to be productive


Your patience level and tolerance for change have noticeably decreased


Procrastination has become a regular habit, leading to further delays and a greater sense of feeling overwhelmed


A lack of clarity and direction is hindering your ability to make progress on your goals


Your work output feels subpar, and you’re not meeting your own expectations



You often get stuck in a cycle of negativity that keeps you playing small and fearing going after larger, more challenging goals


You tend to battle imposter syndrome and remain terrified about showcasing yourself on social media and other platforms


You can’t sit still, rest, or relax to ‘save your life’


You’re feeling withdrawn and disconnected from activities that used to bring you joy and peace -- as you find yourself caught on that perpetual work/hamster wheel


Finding it challenging to feel a sense of accomplishment despite your best efforts


Overthinking and fear of failure hinder your ability to take risks and step out of your comfort zone


Struggling to find a balance between work and personal life, leading to a sense of burnout and disillusionment


It’s challenging to break free from the constant pressure to achieve and find contentment in the present moment

Perhaps you have been led to believe:

High achievers are expected to be unstoppable, invincible, and immune to burnout!

Workaholism and constant hustle are the keys to success

Being available and productive 24/7 is a mandatory requirement

Exhaustion and burnout are simply a normal part of aging, so just “suck it up buttercup”

Sacrificing your sleep is necessary to reach your goals

Neglecting self-care is normal and expected in your ‘quest for success’

Working on your body and mind comes AFTER you reach a certain income level

You don’t need to take time off or meditate to refresh your body and mind

When your motivation fluctuates - just “journal” it out

Building or scaling a business demands non-stop focus and energy

But these beliefs are nothing more than myths, that lead to chronic fatigue, stress, discouragement and long-term burnout.

THE SOLUTION you are looking for requires a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach that gets to the root cause of your challenges.

For over 20 years, I have been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and high achievers precisely with this holistic approach.

Picture this

We utilize the power of biochemical testing, natural healing remedies, and nourishing foods to empower you in transforming from feeling tired, mentally foggy, moody, and discouraged to experience increased energy, heightened focus, a growth mindset, and balanced motivation and productivity.

The endless chatter trap

Imagine feeling like this

Waking up energized and excited to start your day

Feeling motivated, positive and accomplishing your tasks efficiently

Enjoying time for yourself for self-care without any guilt

Learning to love and appreciate your body while reducing stress-related weight

Finding it effortless to overcome hurdles and obstacles that come your way

Creating habits with ease and no longer getting derailed from your goals

Embracing a growth mindset – so that you can tackle challenges or set-backs easily and effortlessly

Permanently overcoming negative chatter, self-sabotage and imposter syndrome

Experiencing the freedom of conquering fears, overcoming procrastination, and effortlessly maintaining unwavering focus for extended periods of time

Saying goodbye to emotional and mental fatigue as you rejuvenate your energy

Reclaiming the lost joy that has been absent in your life – for far too long

Harnessing the power of increased energy, you can elevate your sales performance, attract more clients, and foster long-term success in your business

The emotional roller coaster trap

Experiencing a consistent state of positivity, confidence, and pride in both yourself and your remarkable accomplishments

You are more than enough!

Dr. Wayne Dyer

I was awakened to the connection between toxic chemicals, mineral imbalances and mental health. Who knew? I eat very well and I was truly shocked to see how many toxic chemicals and mineral imbalances I had in my body. Maggie is truly the expert and I highly recommend working with her.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Internationally renowned author and spiritual speaker

Susan Crossman

After working with Maggie, I found I had bigger dreams for my future, significantly more focus and concentration, better relationships in all aspects of my life, and the best year I’d ever had in my business. If you feel ready to shift out of the patterns that have been holding you back I highly recommend you work with Maggie – you’ll find that she is a warrior for your success and extremely gifted in helping you find your way to whatever it is you want to accomplish. Thank you Maggie – you are amazing!

Susan Crossman, Book Coach | Book Editor

Darryl Bandoro

I’ve broken free of negative beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my financial goals and as a result I’m much more confident, positive and naturally attracting all kinds of new clients, unexpectedly. Thank you Maggie!

Darryl Bandoro, Private Wealth Specialist

Jeff Laprade

I invite you to reach out to her and let her share how she can help on your road to a more positive mindset, incredible energy as well as greater joy and productivity in both your business and personal life. I did a lot of research prior to meeting her and was skeptical, because of the claim of how fast results would occur. Maggie was instrumental in helping me shift my mood and mindset, joining coaching, becoming a member of an organization I had been procrastinating about for months and setting me in the right direction.

Jeff Laprade, Real Estate, Ottawa

Your journey starts here, book a call to learn more about our proven method.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

That’s what we are all about.

Using our unique, easy 3-pillar system, we’ll help you unlock your full potential, both professionally and personally.


From my extensive experience, you can be doing all the right things, prioritizing tasks, striving to change habits—BUT there’s still a significant obstacle to overcome….

If your biochemistry remains riddled with toxic chemicals and unbalanced minerals, and you’re still holding on to negative beliefs, fears, or unresolved trauma that has not been released from your body…

…it will be virtually impossible for you to achieve and experience flow and focus in your daily life.

Here is how we do it!

First, we’ll conduct a scientific hair and mineral test to analyze 21 minerals and toxic chemicals in your body. This test precisely identifies any mineral imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms. We’ll then work on rebalancing these minerals to restore your body and brain’s equilibrium. Additionally, we’ll identify and then work on removing your toxic chemicals from your system in a safe and efficient manner.

Rebalancing your minerals will:

  • Elevate your brain function and cognitive performance to new heights, optimizing your mental abilities like never before
  • Amplify your mental and physical stamina – empowering you to go the extra mile
  • Experience heightened focus, concentration, and attention span like never before
  • Harness the power to manage your stress effectively
  • Cultivate unwavering resilience -especially during challenging times
  • Balance your hormones, mood and foster greater emotional stability
  • Strengthen your immune system which will optimize your overall health
  • Discover the key to fueling your sustained productivity through the power of nourishing foods and eating habits
  • Lay a solid foundation for peak performance in all areas of your life

Eliminating toxic chemicals from your body and brain will:

  • Improve memory retention and recall, enhancing your ability to absorb and retain information
  • Heighten cognitive function and mental clarity, allowing you to perform at your best
  • Boost energy levels, enabling you to sustain peak performance throughout the day
  • Improve decision-making and problem-solving abilities, enhancing your overall effectiveness
  • Enhance mood, mental health and resilience, empowering you to navigate challenges with ease
  • Unleash creativity and innovation, unlocking new possibilities and fresh ideas
  • Enhance focus and productivity, maximizing your efficiency and output
  • Elevate the overall performance of your body and brain, establishing a solid foundation for long-term personal and business success


    This specialized hair and mineral test goes WAY beyond conventional assessments. First off, it reveals your unique metabolic type and how your body processes the foods you consume.

    Secondly, this comprehensive test guides you in selecting the “right” foods to FUEL your body, increase energy levels, enhance stamina, and maintain a balanced mood.

    Eating the RIGHT foods for your specific metabolic type will:

    • Improve overall ENERGY by fueling your body with nutritious foods
    • Proper nutrition leads to improved mood, mental clarity and focus
    • Supports digestion, immune system and hormonal balance
    • Achieve a more stable weight through nourishing and balanced eating habits
    • Minimize the negative impact of stress on your weight and metabolism
    • Enhance body confidence and self-love through mindful eating practices
    • Promote a harmonious relationship between your body and food choices
    • Cultivate a healthier and happier lifestyle by prioritizing self-care and nutrition


    Together, we’ll utilize my Rapid Results technique, which combines scientific and evidence-based, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other holistic modalities.

    Through this approach, you’ll learn how to permanently release limiting and negative beliefs, patterns, fears, and self-sabotaging behaviors that are hindering your goals and progress.

    The transformation you’ll experience is natural and does not involve the use of drugs or hypnosis.


    • Get out of the comparison game, improve your own self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence
    • Eliminate your self-doubt and imposter syndrome allowing you to take bolder actions and pursue goals that resonate within you
    • Reduce and eliminate stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions preventing you from living ‘larger’
    • Identify and easily overcome your fears, limiting beliefs, and patterns of behaviour that are preventing you from reaching even bigger goals
    • Improve focus and concentration, allowing you to prioritize work, avoid distractions, and accomplish more in less time
    • Reframe self-doubt and empower yourself to make decisions with unwavering clarity and intuition, leading to even more effective and confident choices
    • Liberate your creative potential by breaking free from procrastination and overcoming creative blocks that hinder your progress
    • Improve your interpersonal relationships by releasing emotional baggage, improving communication skills, fostering empathy and understanding

    Your journey starts here, book a call to learn more about our proven method.

    A program customized and designed specifically for you!


    I G N I T E:

    Proven Ways Guide

    A 6-month experience to help you get to the root cause of your chronic fatigue, mental sluggishness, and moodiness – so that you can unlock boundless energy and get back to living as your happy, joyous, prosperous self.

    Here are all the details of the program:

    Month #1

    • Customized hair and mineral analysis to assess your current health status
    • A personalized report of findings consultation, including a 32-page biochemistry booklet based on your results (including digestive health, cardiovascular health, stress levels, hormonal imbalances, nervous system check, etc.)
    • Customized food plan specifically geared toward your metabolic type (to help with stress-related weight loss)
    • Customized supplementation recommendations geared towards rebalancing your minerals and removing toxic chemicals

    Month #2

    • Learn about the interaction between mood, toxins, and mineral imbalances
    • The role of EFT and emotional release affecting your mood and motivation
    • Creating a custom lifestyle plan that is geared toward your health
      and performance goals
    • Learn how to overcome resistance, procrastination, and the anxiety
      that keeps you up at night and stagnated around your goals
    • Learn effective strategies around emotional regulation so that you are
      feel more balanced, focused, and productive no matter the

    Month #3

    • Setting yourself up for success by removing everyday toxins and
      chemicals from your food, home, and environment
    • Replace everyday products with cleaner alternatives that ensure a healthier environment that promotes your healing
    • Creating a regular Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practice around the specific patterns of thoughts and behaviours that you would like to shift out of

    Month #4

    • Developing and integrating the habits and behaviours that will keep
      you on track to success (and sustain it even past this program)
    • Learning the self-care and health practices that are geared towards
      your lifestyle, and that feel good to implement
    • Getting deeper into the layers of thoughts, emotions, and the role
      they play in how you feel in your day-to-day
    • Developing lasting habits that are simple to stick to and that you stay on track — even if you struggled with implementing new habits in the past

    Month #5

    • Continuing to go deeper with your newly developed lifestyle plan and
      Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practice
    • Overcoming any obstacles or resistance that comes up as you
      implement lifestyle changes and incorporate new habits
    • Re-assessing beliefs and perspectives on our emotional past,
      creating a healthy connection with our new, revitalized self
    • Reinforcing the above with a consistent practice that helps you embed the new thoughts, patterns, and behaviours for lasting, beneficial change (so you never again have to start and restart your health journey over and over again)

    Month #6

    • Receive a custom re-assessment and revision of your progress and discuss what needs to happen to maintain future results
    • Identify the biggest contributors to the changes that have occurred in your life and the role they played in how you’re feeling now
    • Create a long-term plan that inspires you to sustain your positive results and curate a lifestyle plan that supports it

    “getting results”

    Before working with Maggie, I was focused on taking care of everybody else. After doing EFT sessions with Maggie, I am more focused on achieving my own health goals and am getting results.

    Henry Hills,
    Professional Engineer

    “thriving, happier”

    As an alcoholic, I lacked self-esteem and confidence. Working with Maggie has helped me stop my binge drinking and find secure employment. I am thriving, happier and more positive than I have ever been.

    Jessica F., Sales

    “belief in myself”

    Before working with Maggie, I suffered from extreme lack of self confidence due to past rapes and multiple traumas. Maggie has given me back my strength and belief in myself which has helped me improve all of my relationships, including those at work.

    Name withheld for
    privacy reasons

    Your journey starts here, book a call to learn more about our proven method.

    It’s time

    Unleash your true potential with our revolutionary solution – the code to unwavering productivity and boundless energy, no matter the time that passes.

    Say goodbye to dependence on medication, caffeine, or alcohol to rev up or wind down. It’s time to live the life you deserve, naturally and sustainably.

    Our proven methods are the KEY to unlocking unparalleled motivation and drive, elevating you to unprecedented levels of success and entrepreneurial greatness.


    No Medications

    No Caffeine Dependence

    No Alcohol

    IMAGINE a life where you soar above the rest, achieving remarkable feats.

    With our transformative techniques, you’ll break free from limitations and conquer the seemingly impossible.

    Embrace your inner power and future – where your potential knows no bounds.

    Join us on this journey and elevate yourself to extraordinary heights.

    Your journey starts here, book a call to learn more about our proven method.

    © 2023 Maggie Maier

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