Rebalance your mood, mojo, and motivation without medications

You’re feeling exhausted, moody, anxious and withdrawn.

You KNOW you have so much potential, but where is all your energy?


You're exhausted and dragging yourself through the day - too pooped out to be productive


You're on the emotional roller coaster - one minute laughing, the next crying


You’ve got negative mental chatter on repeat “I’ll NEVER get it done - I NEVER get ahead - I am NEVER enough”


You're using food, alcohol, drugs, sex, social media, gaming - whatever works to distract you from actually FEELING your emotional pain

It’s at the point where you just don’t know what to do anymore…

Your business is tanking
Your relationships are deteriorating
You’ve gained weight and you’re beginning to hate your body
You just don’t feel good about yourself
And the prescription medications make you feel even worse…

Your motivation and dreams have slipped away

When everything seems overwhelming, it’s impossible to think about the future. You’re just trying to get through the day.

Your self-talk is self-damaging

Even your worst enemy wouldn’t say the things you say to yourself – over and over! You want to stay positive, but it’s just so hard.

You’re overworking, over-medicating or overeating

Or maybe it’s drinking, obsessively shopping, gambling or gaming. You know you can’t succeed with this compulsive behaviour, but you just can’t find the way out.

But imagine if you were anxiety, depression and addiction FREE?

Imagine if you had more energy to handle your current client or workload

Imagine you are focused, calm and productive in your business

Imagine you are calm to strengthen your relationships

More energy to attract and service more clients with a positive, focused and balanced mindset

Permanently stopping your powerful cravings and compulsive behaviours

Becoming the high achiever or entrepreneur of influence you know you can be


The Rebalance Remedy

A complete system specifically designed for high achievers and entrepreneurs that actually WORKS to improve your mood, mojo, and motivation – without medications – so that you can get back to being super energized and productive!

By the end of this program for optimal health you will…

Feel energized and alive!

You’ll have so much energy to achieve your goals that your productivity will go through the roof! Plus you’ll have extra energy left over for your family and loved ones.

Balance Your Mood

No more crazy ups and downs! Your balanced emotions will allow you to be focused and productive so you can build the business you’ve always wanted.

Finally Believe In Yourself

You’ll have a positive mindset and your self-esteem and self-worth will skyrocket! Now your thinking will become truly aligned with achieving your goals…finally, your dreams can come true.

Permanently Stop Those Powerful Cravings and Addictions

Quit those compulsive behaviours forever! Stop withdrawing from work commitments, life and relationships so you can truly feel alive and back in the driver’s seat.

Your health will have improved dramatically, and you will be ON FIRE!

But maybe it’s time we were introduced…

Hi there, I’m Maggie Maier

Just like you, there was a time in my life when I felt TOTALLY out of control, desperate, overwhelmed, and in physical and emotional pain – like I just couldn’t go on.

I became addicted to alcohol and behaved in ways that took me farther away from my goals and dreams.

After years of trial and error I learned how to overcome my alcoholism, abuse, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, cancer and even the death by suicide of my only son – ALL NATURALLY and WITHOUT the need for medication or invasive therapies.

It’s my life’s work to spread awareness that we CAN get better naturally, without medication.

That’s why I put together all of my hard-won knowledge into this effective and revolutionary program – The Rebalance Remedy. I want to help as many people as I can to live a more energized, healthier, happier, more fulfilling and productive life.

Are you ready to take this journey with me?


“The course was outstanding and it changed my life!”

 I went from being really depressed, unmotivated and anxious to feeling so much more positive and calm. For 5 years, I struggled with a brain concussion and was just constantly down in the dumps. Maggie is awesome! She believed in me, kept me accountable and on track. I highly recommend this program!

Jennifer Taylor, Ottawa

Here’s everything you get in this amazing program!

In this 6 month training program, you will learn proven, evidence based tools, skills and strategies to TRANSFORM your life.

Working 1-on-1 with Maggie, you’ll have two 1-hour coaching calls per month where Maggie will personally guide you through your transformation and customize the program to make sure it fits your life and your optimal health needs.




The “Root Cause” of your Anxiety and Depression

Combining scientific testing and natural healing remedies, we’ll unearth the “Root Cause” of your health situation and build a customized plan to live an optimal life.

During this month we will


Perform a Hair and Mineral Test to determine your baseline levels


Discuss which toxic chemicals need to be removed


Discuss which minerals need to be rebalanced


Determine your current mood and memory issues



Reduce Toxic Metals in Your Body

Together, we’ll look at which toxic metals have been found in your body and work on eliminating them with a strategic plan.

During this month we will


Learn how toxic metals negatively influence your body and mind


Identify and eliminate the toxic chemicals in your body and your environment


Begin learning Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping


Create a consistent EFT practive to leverage your new health and wellness plan



Rebalance Your Minerals

We’ll begin the work of increasing your energy, improving your memory and skyrocketing your productivity.

During this month we will


Explore how supplements and food influence your overall health


Improve the energy in your life by creating a new diet and food plan


Begin a food diary to document the changes on your path to optimal health


Document your thinking/emotional shifts in your Journal


Continue with 2 EFT learning and training sessions



Rebalance Your Body

Building on the previous growth, we will add in effective building blocks and physical activity to balance your health and wellness.

During this month we will


Understand your dietary patterns and intolerances, and continue to change your eating habits to reach and maintain your ideal weight


Reduce your risk of illness or injury by introducing physical activity


Use your motivation to create healthy meal plans and shopping routines


Review and reinforce your mindset with a Gratitude Journal


Continue with 2 EFT learning and training sessions



Refresh Your Environment

Together, we will examine how our home and office environments also contribute to our health and wellness plan.

During this month we will


Determine the different environments we need to audit for toxic chemicals and environmental hazards


Look at the everyday products we use for different activities to create a healthy home and office


Find alternative products and solutions to ensure a successful outcome for our health goals


Continue with your food diary, gratitude journal, and EFT tapping practice



Reinforce Your Behaviour

It’s time to wrap it all up and reinforce your optimal health and wellness plan – creating a practice that sticks.

During this month we will


Review your progress and discuss your results


Identify the biggest contributors to the changes that have happened


Brainstorm together to create a long term plan that inspires and sustains


Discuss future plans and options to keep you on track


But wait, that’s not all you’re getting!

I want to make sure you are focused and supported on every step of your journey, so I’m offering these amazing bonuses to ensure your success!

Bonus #1

Unlimited Email Access

Have a question or a concern?  Help is minutes away! You’ll receive unlimited email access to Maggie during working hours, to ensure you stay on track and that your progress is consistent, powerful and transformative.

Bonus #2

EFT Video Library

Need some extra inspiration in between coaching calls?  You’ll have access to the EFT Video library where you can find in-depth training sessions on individual subjects such as anxiety and depression.

Bonus #3

Post Program Check-Up

A new program takes time to stick, and accountability is key!  I’ll check in with you on a 15-minute call 30 days after our work together is done, to look at your progress and fine tune as needed! It’s my goal to make sure your life is TRANSFORMED and that the program is working for you.

“Im so happy with this program!”

I’m so happy with this program, it came along at just the right time and truly helped me with my lack of motivation. I am eating healthier, working out and really enjoying it. Most importantly, I have lost over 10 pounds and am keeping it off!

Henry Hills, Brockville

Let’s begin your healing journey!

This program is a unique, personal journey you and I will take together.  Because of the 1-on-1 customized work we do together, I can only take on a few clients at a time.  For that reason, I ask all potential clients to apply to make sure that we are a great fit to work together.

I work with you 1-on-1 so YOU can get the best results, but that limits my availability.  Don’t wait to apply to this program!

Here’s My Personal Pledge To You

I’m so confident that you will receive incredible value from our time together, that if after completing the Rebalance Remedy and implementing the learning from the program, you feel I have not gone above and beyond your expectations and provided excellent value and the program has not helped you create optimal health in your life, I will refund your payment in full.

All I ask is that you fully immerse yourself in the program and all aspects of the training phases and your one to one coaching calls that I’m providing, complete the steps, and ask for feedback and support on our calls.

If you participate and fully complete all of the activities and materials, and you find the program hasn’t worked for you, just let me know and I will refund your investment – 100% Happiness Guaranteed.


This transformational program is right for you if


You’re READY to make a change in your life, now is the time


You understand your need to invest in yourself, so that you can make your dreams happen


You realize that doing the same thing over and over isn’t getting you the results you need, and it’s time to try something new


You’re committed to actually following the program and trusting in the process


This program might not be right for you if


You want to change, but you’re not ready to put in the work


You let procrastination take over and can’t seem to take action on anything


You sit around thinking about changes, but you’re not really ready to do anything about it


You can’t financially commit to yourself to create the change you need in your life


Let’s Break It Down Even More And Answer All Your Questions

How much time is required each week to do the program?

We will have 2 one-hour coaching calls per month, and you can expect about 1 hour of additional work per week, including homework, self-assessments and training.

What kind of support can I get if I'm stuck?

All kinds! I’m here for you during the entire program, and my training allows me to see your issues and drill down in terms of resistance.  We’ll be checking in often on your progress, and the goal of the entire program is to get you un-stuck. 

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

Nothing too special, but you will need access to a computer and the internet, as well as Zoom (a video conferencing tool).  Never used Zoom?  It’s very easy and I will guide you through the process. If you live in the Ottawa area, there is also the possibility of doing our 1-on-1 sessions in person!  Just ask me when you apply.

What is your refund policy?

I promise you I will show up and help you succeed. By purchasing this program you are promising to show up too!

You are, however, fully protected by my 100% Happiness Guarantee! I guarantee you a full, no hassle refund if you show up, do all of the work and are not satisfied with your results.

The program is aimed to help you succeed and I will work diligently with you to make sure that it does!

How fast can I expect to see results?

It’s hard to generalize because every person is different, but I have seen incredibly fast results for clients that are motivated and determined. You get as much out of the program as you put into it, so the more you follow it, the more results you will see. Simple changes can begin immediately, and lasting transformation comes when you apply the training and follow the steps.

Is everything available immediately?

No, the program is a process, so we go one month at a time with the training and the resources.  Slow and steady, the Rebalance Remedy is a stacked program with a progressive nature.  I don’t want you to get overwhelmed, so the program is designed to roll out at a pace that ensures smooth sailing.

What if it's not what I expect?

This program is such a hands on 1-to-1 personalized program that WE can make sure TOGETHER you are getting all the resources you need.  I also have a vigorous application process to make sure we are a good fit to work together.  If at the end of the program you have done all the work and are unhappy with the results, I do have a 100% Happiness Guarantee!  I’m invested in making this work for you, and I expect you to be invested as well.  Win-win!!

What if I'm currently taking prescription medications, am I expected to go off them immediately?

Firstly, under no condition do I ever expect you to go off any of your medications without your physician’s advice.

Secondly, under no condition do I ever expect you to go off your medications immediately or abruptly –  that is very dangerous.

What I have noticed with my current clients is that they typically wait until they feel better—emotionally, mentally and physically.

Once that happens, they consider going off one or more of their medications—but ONLY on the advice of their practicing physician or medical practitioner.

Taking prescription drugs is your decision and YOURS alone.

Here’s the truth

Living your life free from anxiety, depression and addictions IS POSSIBLE, without resorting to medications or invasive therapies!  I’m living proof of that. 

But the change needs to begin with you. 

If you can make the commitment to take this first step on your journey to optimal health and abundance, I’ll be here with you every step of the way.  You have my commitment and my guarantee.


Let’s begin your healing journey!

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Terms of Service

Medical Disclaimer


© 2020 Maggie Maier

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