Adam’s Story

My son, Adam Maier-Clayton, struggled with mental illness from about the age of 8. Throughout his teens, he was put on a list of prescription medications for his anxiety, depression and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

After an encounter with marijuana, he developed depersonalization disorder and eventually, a burning sulphuric acid pain (called somatoform disorder) throughout his entire body.

By 2016, he was advocating for MAID (medical assistance in dying) which is currently illegal in Canada for anyone with a mental illness.

By 2017, his suffering had become constant and unbearable. His cognitive capabilities declined as did his ability to read or think. Adam strongly believed the medical system had failed him, as had the 19 different medications and experimental treatments (including ketamine infusions) he had been prescribed.

My strong son could not take any more pain

Adam consistently refused any alternative treatments or holistic modalities—which for me, as his mother-was heartbreaking.

In the end, my strong son could not take any more pain or suffering. He died alone, in a motel room—without me or his father. We would have been charged for legally abetting and aiding a suicide and would have risked prosecution.

You can only begin to imagine how traumatic this has been for Adam and our family, and the “what ifs” that have circled in my mind.

His path might have been different

As a grieving mother within the alternative medicine world, I have many times wondered how Adam’s path may have been different if we had known about his mineral ratio imbalances when he was younger, and could have addressed the factors underlying his struggles with anxiety, depression and OCD.

If we had gotten to the root of his original issues when he was a young boy, perhaps he may have still been with us here today.

Finding the purpose in my pain

I have since found purpose in my pain by delving deep into understanding the root causes of mental illness and going upstream to find solutions.

Adam’s powerful story is the fuel behind my life’s work to spread awareness and help as many people as I can live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

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